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Content Warning / Introduction to our Project

From 2014 to 2021, the Atwater Library and Computer Centre is conducting an important project funded by Status of Women Canada aimed at preventing and eliminating cyberviolence against girls and young women. Cyberviolence (e.g. cyberbullying, internet luring and cyberstalking) and sexual violence are complex problems that requires nuanced and multi-pronged approaches. There is a pressing

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Exploring the intersection of Rape Culture and Disability with Forum Theatre

Context We are conducting an important three-year project funded by Status of Women Canada addressing the issue of rape culture. Our project focuses on partnerships with colleges/CEGEPs to develop policy solutions, pedagogical strategies and knowledge mobilization approaches that respond to this problem. We believe that college campuses are an important point of engagement in addressing

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Podcast – No Filter: Jasmyn Lawson

No Filter: Women Owning it Online is a podcast series that explores what it means to be a woman online. This episode features Jasmyn Lawson, former culture editor at Giphy. “That’s the search engine that houses all those looped videos we use to express emotion – and ourselves – online. But when Jasmyn started working there,

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Podcast: Revisionist History – The Lady Vanishes

Check out this podcast from Revisionist History: “In the late 19th, a painting by a virtually unknown artist took England by storm: ‘The Roll Call’ but after that brilliant first effort, the artist all but disappeared. Why? The Lady Vanishes explores the world of art and politics to examines the strange phenomenon of the “token”—the

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TGNQ Experiences of Campus Sexual Violence

This literature review offers an overview of research on transgender, genderqueer, non-conforming and questioning (TGNQ) students’ experiences of sexual violence on college campuses. In addition to synthesizing and critically assessing available data and knowledge on TGNQ students affected by campus sexual violence, it offers suggestions for future research, including important methodological and theoretical considerations. (Written

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Zipped Underwear Series – Ursula Oberhozer

Concordia’s undergraduate feminist art and art history magazine, Yiara, has posted about a powerful art series, created by Ursula Oberhozer, that addresses issues of sexual assault and a woman’s right to control over her own body.     Oberhozer says, “The drawings and the series of under-wears represent women’s right to decide when sexual intimacy is

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Press Release – Growth on the Horizon

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘Growth on the Horizon’ Plants Seeds of Change at McGill University New student-led project addresses sexual assault on Montreal campuses through art MONTREAL, March 12, 2018—On March 22, the Arts Building Lobby at the heart of McGill University will bustle with students, faculty, staff, and administrators attending the launch of Growth on

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Growth on the Horizon

In the spirit of wellness, community building, and collective reflection, join us for a student-initiated, arts-based event aimed at understanding, addressing, and healing from rape culture and gendered violence on the McGill University campus. Growth on the Horizon will bring survivors, students, artists, allies, community organizers, administrators, faculty, staff, and front-line workers together at McGill to

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“What does Cyberviolence mean to you?”: Anti-Cyberviolence Documentary Created by Youth

This strategy had a group of youth, all members of an anti-violence community organisation, come together to discuss the meaning and place of cyberviolence in their lives. Using documentary filmmaking as their medium, the youth shared their experiences, reflections, and powerful insights. Learn more about the process here! What Does Cyberviolence Mean to You Documentary