Content Warning / Introduction to our Project

From 2014 to 2021, the Atwater Library and Computer Centre is conducting an important project funded by Status of Women Canada aimed at preventing and eliminating cyberviolence against girls and young women.

Cyberviolence (e.g. cyberbullying, internet luring and cyberstalking) and sexual violence are complex problems that requires nuanced and multi-pronged approaches. There is a pressing need to involve girls and young women in discussion with the wider community to define the problem, break down the institutional barriers that support it, and devise strategies to combat and eliminate it. That’s what we will do through this project.

This is a blanket warning that some of the resources contained in this website contain descriptions of abuse, bullying, depression, harassment, misogyny, racism, stalking, sexual assault, self-harm, suicide and more. These include instances in the online/cyberworld as well as in the offline world.

Please be aware of the sensitive nature of these posts and practice self-protection and self-care when reading.