Zoe Quinn on Why She Dropped the Harassment Charges

If you haven't seen Zoe Quinn's blog post, you should probably read it. It is equally tragic, surreal and extremely disturbing. It is also a scathing indictment of the justice system:

"The simple fact of the matter is the criminal justice system is meant to punish, not protect. I don’t care about seeing him punished - I would rather he get better. And they’ve done nothing to protect me - it’s only made things worse and become another weapon in his arsenal, and the arsenal of the people out there way scarier than him."

Ugh. I think the hardest part, is that Quinn points to so many flaws, myths and fallacies in the justice system that don't actually need to be that way, that could be examined and improved. She also brings up the disturbing fact that the judge and jurors and even lawyers were not equipped to judge a case of online harassment because they had no idea or understanding of the internet and didn't want to know.

Wow. With all due respect to proportion and the dead, it feels like the WWI problem of old-style warfare against new technology. Perhaps our old clunky justice system has gone from being less useful and more harmful. Something to think about, anyways...