McGill University Holds Lavender Graduation Ceremony in Honor of LGBTQ+ Students

This year, McGill University held its first lavender graduation ceremony - a ceremony that honors and empowers students from the LGBTQ+ community.










In an article for the Montreal Gazette, journalist Brendan Kelly spoke with Michael David Miller, chair of the organizing committee of The Launch of the Rainbow.

“'I like the idea of highlighting students who may have had a more difficult time at university,' said Michael David Miller [...]. 'We do that with our First Nations students at McGill. It’s beautiful because they often experience a huge culture shock when they come to university.'"

"'LGBTQ students experience higher levels of sexual harassment on campuses and higher-than-average levels of sexual assault on campuses,' Miller said. 'Then if you just think of the struggles of accepting your identity, even in a country as open as Canada or city as open as Montreal, it’s still a very stressful time period.'”

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