FemHack: Right in our Backyard!


Who knew? I came across this article today entitled, "FemHack- Feminism and Hacking Converge in a Montreal Tech Collective" by Christina Haralanova and Sophie Toupin while doing a bit of research on feminist design hacks for cyberviolence. I was pleasantly surprised to see this happening in Montreal and am very interested to see where it goes.

Here is the abstract:

"In the past several years, a movement of feminist and social justice-oriented hackerspaces has made itself visible in different parts of the world, more precisely in Australia, Europe and now on the West Coast of the United States. These spaces rely and are founded on specific feminist principles in order to counter patriarchy and other forms of oppression. This article tells the story of FemHack, the emerging feminist hackerspace in Montreal. A comparatively recent initiative of feminists who enjoy hacking and do-it-yourself activities, the community's main goals are to invite more feminists into the broader hacker movement and to start a discussion about feminist participation within the worldwide hacker culture and politics."

The article details the origins of FemHack as well as some of the issues and challenges of creating a permanent, safe space for women, queer and transgendered people. They even give notes and a link to design your own feminist hackerspace!