Poster Project Strategy: Denormalizing Gender-based Cyberviolence

The Preventing & Eliminating Cyberviolence Project used a variety of strategies to get people, communities and organisations talking about cyberviolence and to explore creative ways to address it. The "Denormalize gender-based cyberviolence poster project" was but one of these strategies.

With fervent passion and dedication, a group of 135 CEGEP students came together to design a series of consciousness-raising posters that aimed to educate their peers on gendered cyberviolence, its complexities, and to denormalize the practice.

Check out our strategy description via the link below to get a better idea of what the students did!

Anti-Cyberviolence Poster Project Strategy

We hope this strategy will inspire similar arts-based initiatives in the ongoing fight against gender-based cyberviolence!

Yours truly,

Preventing Cyberviolence Team